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We specialize in instructional massage therapy DVDs, music for massage and spa, and other health and wellness programs. We are pleased to introduce Tools for Touch Webinars, an on-going series of webinars providing continuing education and CE’s for massage therapists. The next webinar will take place March 5, 2012. We welcome your phone call if you have questions about our products, or if you need help registering for webinars.  800-619-1410

March 5, 2012 WEBINAR: “Keep on Learning and Keep on Earning”
Earn  Up to 9 CE Hours from NCBTMB-approved Providers
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Esalen Massage - 1 DVD

Spa & Beauty Collection - 13 DVDs

Bodywork Professional
- 27 DVDs

At Home Massage

Thai Massage - 4 DVDs

DVD Specials - 16 DVDs

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Dreams 8:59 (Benghiat)

Bamboo Nights 10: (Yarnall)

Bolero Semai 8:21 (Gilad)

Turkish Lullaby 5:42 (Gilad)

Travels 7:30 (Benghiat)

Perspectives 6:06 (Benghiat)

She Moves 7:34 (Yarnall)

Bliss 8:05 (Benghiat)


At Peace Video

At Peace Video specializes in excellent massage video programs no matter what your preferred techniques and modalities. From the comfort of your home, view leading massage professionals as they conduct demonstrations of hot stone massage, Esalen massage, Forearm Dance massage, Frozen Shoulder, thai massage, reflexology and many others. View our free video clips first and make smart purchases based on your specific interests. 

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Announcing a NEW 4-Program DVD Series from At Peace® Video.

Presented by Chuck Duff, ABMP, CTI, and founder of Thai Bodywork School.  Duff's unique modality, Clinical Thai Bodywork (CTB) combines the techniques of Traditional Thai yoga with the insights of myofascial trigger point therapy, osteopathic principles and acupoints, and is a highly effective treatment for pain and dysfunction.  more

Learn the essentials of Forearm Dance ® from Val Guin, the creator of Forearm Dance Massage, The Original, DVD program. This NEW Forearm Dance Massage - Essentials DVD - gives you a personal, insider's view of the techniques and approaches that Val Guin has used to build a 25-year successful massage and bodywork practice in Santa Monica, CA. more

Val Guin’s Forearm Dance is a NEW practitioner-friendly,
instructional massage program. This DVD is 3+ hours
long. It includes invigorating, innovative massage
techniques that combine efficient body mechanics with
the use of only the Forearm and Olecranon as tools.

Click here to read product reviews of Forearm Dance

The award-winning Esalen Massage Video in DVD format is available in three languages: English, German and Spanish. Imagine being able to give the world’s greatest massage . . . the Esalen Massage DVD provides an easy and fun way to learn about the healing power of touch!! more

New! Visit the Esalen Massage Lounge

"This is THE BEST massage video on the market today"
- Steve Eabry, Massage Magazine

At Peace Music

Life-enhancing, acoustic music for yoga, meditation, relaxation, massage, aromatherapy, spa treatments, stress relief and healing. Our instrumental music, sometimes called new age music, relaxation or spa music, is created by musicians and composers, experienced in the art and science of creating peaceful music with instruments including Celtic harp, guitar, piano, flutes, recorders and more. Renew your spirit with music to encourage healing and rejuvenation. Visit our music collections to the left to hear music samples.

Music for Relaxation 

Discover a new world of Native American music designed to center the body and spirit. Explore more

Music Downloads
Download your favorite music for yoga, meditation, massage, aromatherapy, pilates, spa treatments, stress relief and healing, right here at the home of At Peace Music. Sign up for At Peace Enews, our mostly monthly enewsletter, if you’d like to be notified about Web Deals and new additions to our music download collection. more

Music Specials
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Power Nap Kit

Are you one of the 70 million Americans suffering
from stress burn-out and sleep deprivation? The 
Power Nap Kit™ (PNK) is a self-help kit designed for
people of all ages to learn how to “power nap”. The
PNK can be used to feel more wide awake instantly,
to boost energy levels without extra calories, caffeine
or pills, to reduce stress and sleep deprivation, to
lessen the dangers of drowsy driving and to improve
concentration and critical and analytical thinking.  

What are the benefits of a power nap?
Four hours of restorative sleep in less than 30
minutes. A power nap is an approximately 15-30
minute exercise that yields the benefit of up to four
hours of restorative sleep.

Easy to learn.
The beauty of the power nap concept is that it is a natural ability and does not require extensive training.  Each power nap session on the Power Nap CDs ends with series of chime sounds to wake you up at just the right time.

Tried and true technique.
Astronauts, the military and shift-workers all “power nap” to improve alertness, aid productivity, relieve stress and alleviate sleep deprivation. 

A valuable “life skill”.
Einstein, Churchill and Edison were famous power nappers. Those who have learned to power nap say it is an invaluable skill that they will put to use throughout their lives.  

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• Catch some good ZZZZZZZ’s with the new PNK.

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Private Label

At Peace Spa Works offers you and your business access and insights to help you proactively plan your spa retail products and amenities. All of our efforts are designed with the goal of increasing your sales, providing promotional visibility and enhancing your brand and image. For over seven years, we’ve been creating award-winning music, video and multi-media products. If you’re ready to take a closer look at private label music and media products along with related retail and promotional ideas and collateral materials, contact sherry@atpeacemedia and visit At Peace Spa Works for more information.  

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